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  • Physical Address

    Las Vegas Justice Court
    200 Lewis Ave, 1st floor
    Las Vegas, NV 89101

  • (702) 671-3444
    (877) 455-1289

  • Mon – Thur 7.30 am – 4.00 pm
    Fri, 7.30 am – 3.00 pm
    Closed on Holidays

  • Payment Mailing Address

    Regional Justice Center
    Justice Court Traffic Division
    [Citation #]
    200 Lewis Ave 1st Floor
    P.O. Box 552511
    Las Vegas, NV 89155-2511

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Las Vegas Justice Court Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro Dan Lovell

Court Info – Payment Details

Payments are accepted in the Traffic Office, by mail, telephone or online.

Payments in Person
Payments may be made by cash, VISA©, MASTERCARD® or DISCOVER® debit or credit card, personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. Payments are accepted at the Las Vegas Justice Court Traffic Division located on the 1st floor of the Regional Justice Center.

NEW: For your convenience you may now make a payment at the Las Vegas Justice Court window located at the West Flamingo DMV. The address is 8250 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89147. The Court window is located by window 1, around the corner from the self-service kiosks. If you are paying by cash exact change is required.

Payments by Phone
Customers may pay tickets over the telephone by using a VISA©, MASTERCARD® or DISCOVER® debit or credit card. The phone line for the Traffic Division is (702) 671-3444 and toll free long distance 1-877-455-1289.

Payments by Mail
The address for mail in payments is:
Las Vegas Justice Court
Traffic Division
200 Lewis Avenue, 1st Floor
P.O. Box 552511
Las Vegas, NV 89155

Payments must be made in U.S. Funds. Please do not send cash through the mail. If requesting a receipt for the payment, a self addressed stamped envelope must be provided.


Failing to pay your traffic violation can result in a warrant. As the current standard practice for LVJC:

The Las Vegas Township Justice Court will issue arrest warrants for all unpaid traffic tickets. An additional warrant fee of $150 and a late fee of $100 will be added to all tickets that proceed into warrant status. In addition to warrant fees and penalties, all unpaid traffic tickets will be reported to national credit reporting agencies.


Did you receive a speeding ticket (NRS 484B.620) while driving on the Summerlin Parkway or while driving on the 95 North? Did you make an unlawful U-Turn in a school zone (NRS 484B.363) in Sunrise Manor? Were you following too closely (NRS 484B.127) in Downtown Las Vegas? Were you ticketed for aggressive driving (NRS 484B.650) on the 215N? These traffic tickets may be handled by Las Vegas Justice Court.

You can check the top and bottom of your traffic violation and it should say the issuing party (Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Metro) and the county and court where the ticket will be handled.  It is important to always check the deadline for appearance, which is typically shown on the bottom of citations. Failure to appear on or resolve before that date can result in a warrant. Some of the more common tickets we see for the Las Vegas Justice Court are for violations like Speeding, Failure to Yield, Failing to Observe Traffic Control Device and Improper Lane Overtake. These types of violations can often be negotiated with the Las Vegas Justice Court via the District Attorney or County Attorney’s office. Some Courts and/or District Attorney’s may have policies in place that disallow such a negotiation, while others may actively welcome it.

Clark County may also have other court jurisdictions, which you can view by visiting our court directory.  Our directory will provide direct links to other courts in various counties. As a courtesy we have provided contact info for forty (40) Justice Courts and sixteen (16) Municipal Courts, payment options, mailing addresses, and other general info for submitting your payments for traffic citations or calling about warrants and other traffic ticket search – lookup needs. “I have a ticket in” and now the answers are easy to find.

Nearby Towns people often receive traffic citations while driving on Charleston Blvd, Town Center or while driving in the Downtown Arts District. Sometimes people who are visiting the Las Vegas Strip receive speeding tickets or citations while traveling to and from their destination while visiting.

Before you pay

We always strongly suggest that you call us first, to learn what options may exist, and for the benefits of hiring a Las Vegas ticket lawyers like Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro. For a comprehensive list of benefits read our article here “why you should hire an attorney for your traffic tickets.”

Traffic Ticket Searches and Warrant Status, Warrant Search

If you need information or a status of your pending citation or to check to see if you might have a bench warrant, many of the courts have this information accessible online. If an online search link has not been provided for Las Vegas Justice Court, then it is suggested that you call the clerk directly for the status.

Each of Nevada’s counties and its independent city are divided into one or more townships, and each township has a justice court. The justice courts are courts of limited jurisdiction that hear only minor cases; in general, they hear misdemeanor cases (including traffic tickets), and civil cases involving $15,000 or less (including evictions and small claims cases). They may also hold probable cause hearings for felony and gross misdemeanor cases. There are 40 justice courts in the state.

Information Disclaimer

All information provided is a courtesy, no guarantee of accuracy is made, and you should always contact the court directly to confirm your information. Providing information as a courtesy does not constitute an attorney client relationship. To obtain legal advice please speak directly with an attorney.

Las Vegas Justice Court Ticket Results

Las Vegas Justice Court Ticket Results 1-25

Citation Original Charge Outcome Original Fine Outcome
Being Updated Being Updated Being Updated Being Updated Being Updated
Being Updated Being Updated Being Updated Being Updated Being Updated

Please note: Past results do no guarantee future results.

Bench Warrant?

Do you have a bench warrant? Questions about what to do? Questions about the cost to quash the warrant?

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  • Henderson Justice Court Bench Warrant
  • Las Vegas Municipal Court Bench Warrant
  • Las Vegas Justice Court Bench Warrant
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  • Bench Warrant arrested at work
  • Bench Warrant can’t pass background check
  • Bench Warrant can’t obtain Sherrif’s Card
  • Bench Warrant arrested while driving
  • Bench Warrant arrested while driving
  • Bench Warrant can’t get drivers license
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Failure to appear clearance letter
  • Failure to appear suspended license notice from DMV
  • Failure to pay fine
  • Failure to pay on payment plan
  • Bench Warrant Notice / Late Notice
  • Unemployed couldn’t pay fine
  • Forget to pay traffic ticket
  • Forget to appear in court
  • Lost traffic ticket
  • Medical emergency couldn’t pay/appear
  • In custody / release agreement / failed to return to court

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