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IMPORTANT NOTE: EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1ST, 2023-  with recent changes to laws that impact traffic related cases, some courts are changing their procedures, and likewise we may have courts that we no longer represent for, or court procedures that impact what our fees are for representation. We are hopeful that by the end of January 2023 we will be able to update our website further regarding this. Thank you.

Did you receive a traffic ticket in Henderson for leaving your vehicle parked unattended (NRS 484B.440) on the side of the 215 due to engine trouble? Did you fail to stop at a railroad crossing when a train was approaching (NRS 484B.553) on Eastern Ave? Did you fail to slow down when you approached a traffic incident (NRS 484B.607) on Green Valley Parkway? These traffic tickets may be handled by the Henderson Municipal Court. You can check the top and bottom of your traffic violation and it should say the issuing party (Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Metro) and the county and court where the ticket will be handled.  It is important to always check the deadline for appearance, which is typically shown on the bottom of citations. Failure to appear on or resolve before that date can result in a warrant. Some of the more common tickets we see for the Henderson Municipal Court are violations like Speeding, Failure to Yield, Failing to Observe Traffic Control Device and Improper Lane Overtake. These types of violations can often be negotiated with the Henderson Municipal Court via the City Attorney’s office. Some Courts and/or City Attorney’s may have policies in place that disallow such a negotiation, while others may actively welcome it.

Clark County may also have other court jurisdictions, which you can view by visiting our court directory.  Our directory will provide direct links to other courts in various counties. As a courtesy we have provided contact info for forty (40) Justice Courts and sixteen (16) Municipal Courts, payment options, mailing addresses, and other general info for submitting your payments for traffic citations or calling about warrants and other traffic ticket search – lookup needs. “I have a ticket in” and now the answers are easy to find.

Nearby Towns people often receive traffic citations in: Las Vegas, Boulder City, Searchlight, Jean, Primm, or Laughlin. Sometimes people who are visiting Red Rock Canyon or Bonnie Springs receive speeding tickets or citations while traveling to and from Henderson.

  • speeding related vehicle accident attorney las vegas

Speeding related accidents

A Las Vegas Attorney Specializing in Accidents Caused by Speeding: Minimizing Losses

Speed limits are established as precautionary measures, and failing to adhere to them may lead not only to fines but, in the worst-case scenarios, fatalities. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is a highly preventable cause of accidents. However, statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reveal that speeding is the primary contributor to fatalities resulting from accidents on the road.

The peril of speeding stems from two key factors. Firstly, the control of a vehicle becomes progressively more challenging as its speed increases, particularly in adverse weather conditions or sharp turns. Secondly, higher speeds result in increased force upon impact, making crashes considerably more destructive. For instance, a pedestrian hit by a car traveling at 12.42 miles per hour has a 100% chance of survival. This chance decreases to 90% at 25 miles per hour but plummets to just 10% at 62 miles per hour.

Adhering to mandated speed limits significantly reduces the likelihood of severe injuries.

Demographics reveal that young males, especially among young drivers, are most prone to speeding, as per additional information from the NHTSA. Age aside, factors such as alcohol consumption with a blood alcohol concentration level of .08 percent or higher contribute to speeding. Additionally, narcotics and prescription drugs altering behavior and cognitive functions are other notable causes.

Examining the societal impact of speeding underscores its substantial economic cost, surpassing $40 billion annually. This financial burden could have been allocated to other critical areas like education.

In the unfortunate event of being a victim of a speeding-related accident, seeking assistance from a Las Vegas Speeding-Related Accident Attorney becomes crucial. In Las Vegas, speeding is both negligent and illegal, especially when it directly contradicts posted speed limit signs.

Your attorney and their team will diligently work towards recovering just compensation by conducting a thorough investigation of your accident. This involves gathering substantial evidence, including firsthand accounts and skid mark analysis. Having your lawyer present during discussions with the at-fault party’s insurance adjuster diminishes the possibility of unfair compensation. Your attorney will adeptly negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Most importantly, a competent lawyer will litigate your damages, potentially enlisting the expertise of medical professionals and specialists to evaluate your claim against the losses incurred. These experts may also provide testimony on your behalf.

While roads would be safer if motorists adhered to speed limits, an experienced Las Vegas Speeding-Related Accident Attorney, such as Dan Lovell of Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro, is your ally in recovering from the aftermath of a speeding-related accident.

Before you pay

We always strongly suggest that you call us first, to learn what options may exist, and for the benefits of hiring a Las Vegas ticket lawyers like Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro. For a comprehensive list of benefits read our article here “why you should hire an attorney for your traffic tickets.”

Traffic Ticket Searches and Warrant Status, Warrant Search

If you need information or a status of your pending citation or to check to see if you might have a bench warrant, many of the courts have this information accessible online. If an online search link has not been provided for Henderson Municipal Court, then it is suggested that you call the clerk directly for the status.


Each incorporated city in Nevada has a municipal court. Like the justice courts, the municipal courts have limited jurisdiction; in general, they hear cases involving civil and misdemeanor violations of city ordinances, nuisance abatement cases, and cases involving $2,500 or less where the city is the plaintiff. The municipal court is presided over by a municipal judge (or, as provided by some city charters, multiple judges). Judges may be either elected by the city’s voters, or appointed by the mayor with consent of the city council, as determined by city ordinance. The term of elected judges is set by the city charter or ordinances. In some cities, instead of electing or appointing a judge, the applicable justice of the peace serves ex officio as the municipal judge.

Information Disclaimer

All information provided is a courtesy, no guarantee of accuracy is made, and you should always contact the court directly to confirm your information. Providing information as a courtesy does not constitute an attorney client relationship. To obtain legal advice please speak directly with an attorney. If you want to speak with an Attorney at Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro, please call and schedule a consultation.

Bench Warrant?

Do you have a bench warrant? Questions about what to do? Questions about the cost to quash the warrant?

  • Henderson Municipal Court Bench Warrant
  • Henderson Justice Court Bench Warrant
  • Las Vegas Municipal Court Bench Warrant
  • Las Vegas Justice Court Bench Warrant
  • City of North Las Vegas Municipal Court Bench Warrant
  • City of North Las Vegas Justice Court Bench Warrant
  • Bench Warrant arrested at work
  • Bench Warrant can’t pass background check
  • Bench Warrant can’t obtain Sherrif’s Card
  • Bench Warrant arrested while driving
  • Bench Warrant arrested while driving
  • Bench Warrant can’t get drivers license
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Failure to appear clearance letter
  • Failure to appear suspended license notice from DMV
  • Failure to pay fine
  • Failure to pay on payment plan
  • Bench Warrant Notice / Late Notice
  • Unemployed couldn’t pay fine
  • Forget to pay traffic ticket
  • Forget to appear in court
  • Lost traffic ticket
  • Medical emergency couldn’t pay/appear
  • In custody / release agreement / failed to return to court

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