A Las Vegas Attorney Specializing in Accidents Caused by Speeding: Minimizing Losses

Speed limits are established as precautionary measures, and failing to adhere to them may lead not only to fines but, in the worst-case scenarios, fatalities. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is a highly preventable cause of accidents. However, statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reveal that speeding is the primary contributor to fatalities resulting from accidents on the road.

The peril of speeding stems from two key factors. Firstly, the control of a vehicle becomes progressively more challenging as its speed increases, particularly in adverse weather conditions or sharp turns. Secondly, higher speeds result in increased force upon impact, making crashes considerably more destructive. For instance, a pedestrian hit by a car traveling at 12.42 miles per hour has a 100% chance of survival. This chance decreases to 90% at 25 miles per hour but plummets to just 10% at 62 miles per hour.

Adhering to mandated speed limits significantly reduces the likelihood of severe injuries.

Demographics reveal that young males, especially among young drivers, are most prone to speeding, as per additional information from the NHTSA. Age aside, factors such as alcohol consumption with a blood alcohol concentration level of .08 percent or higher contribute to speeding. Additionally, narcotics and prescription drugs altering behavior and cognitive functions are other notable causes.

Examining the societal impact of speeding underscores its substantial economic cost, surpassing $40 billion annually. This financial burden could have been allocated to other critical areas like education.

In the unfortunate event of being a victim of a speeding-related accident, seeking assistance from a Las Vegas Speeding-Related Accident Attorney becomes crucial. In Las Vegas, speeding is both negligent and illegal, especially when it directly contradicts posted speed limit signs.

Your attorney and their team will diligently work towards recovering just compensation by conducting a thorough investigation of your accident. This involves gathering substantial evidence, including firsthand accounts and skid mark analysis. Having your lawyer present during discussions with the at-fault party’s insurance adjuster diminishes the possibility of unfair compensation. Your attorney will adeptly negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Most importantly, a competent lawyer will litigate your damages, potentially enlisting the expertise of medical professionals and specialists to evaluate your claim against the losses incurred. These experts may also provide testimony on your behalf.

While roads would be safer if motorists adhered to speed limits, an experienced Las Vegas Speeding-Related Accident Attorney, such as Dan Lovell of Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro, is your ally in recovering from the aftermath of a speeding-related accident.