Checklist on What to Do After a Car Accident

To some degree, car accidents can be unavoidable. It’s unfortunate that no matter how defensive of a driver you are, no matter how careful you may be, other drivers who drive recklessly can still cause these accidents.

Other drivers’ behavior may be beyond your control. But what you can do is to handle the aftermath should you figure in a car accident. What you do after the crash will greatly determine your success (or failure) in pursuing a claim for damages.

Wondering what you should do after a car accident? Learning these things can help you potentially settle the matter without issues. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself in the accident’s aftermath.

Stay Calm

Understandably it can be frightening (and sometimes overwhelming) to be in a car crash. More so if you see blood or if you feel any pain in any part of your body. But try not to panic.

In a stressful situation such as a car accident, strive to remain calm. It helps you think better and assess the situation. Also, it is best to cooperate with others who are trying to help you, whether it’s the medical personnel or concerned bystanders.

Don’t forget to check yourself. Carefully examine your person as well as the other occupants in the car, if any, for broken bones, bleeding, or bruises. If anyone is in need of emergency medical attention, seek help immediately.

Dial 911

Once you have pulled yourself together, call for help. It’s a good idea to have the police and medical personnel at the site so they can attend to your needs.

While the medical team attends to the injured, the police can document the accident. You’ll need the police report later, so it’s best to give an accurate information as to the circumstances surrounding the car accident.

Turn On the Blinking or Hazard Lights

The lights can alert other drivers about the car crash, telling them to exercise caution when passing nearby. Especially at night, these lights help pinpoint to the arriving medical personnel and police officers of the exact location of the accident.

Take Photos

If possible, take pictures of the damage and the area from all angles. This is information gathering. The images may be useful later when you intend to pursue a claim for damages in court or with the insurance provider.

Gather Information

If you have the means, jot down the details of the car crash and obtain as much information as you can. Speak with the witnesses and have their testimony reduced into official writing in the form of a police report.

You may also need to obtain the contact information of the other driver/s. Get his/her name, place of residence or business, contact number or email, and even their social media account/s. Don’t forget to obtain their insurance information too.

Avoid Giving Out Details Except with the Police Officers

Anything you say may be used against your claim for damages later on. So unless, it’s the police, it’s best to keep critical information to yourself. Don’t sign any papers, don’t admit fault, don’t discuss the details of the accident.

Seek Legal Advice

Want to protect your rights and interest? Get in touch with a highly experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney to help you pursue your action to obtain compensation for damages. Look to Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group.