FAQs on Las Vegas Speeding Tickets

Have you been stopped by an officer for a speeding violation? Did he issue a ticket? In this article, we curated some of the frequently asked questions involving speeding tickets in Las Vegas. We hope these answers will help you address any legal issue surrounding the issuance of the speeding ticket.

I have been issued a speeding ticket in Las Vegas. What do I do?

First you need to decide whether you want to dispute the speeding ticket in court. If you opt to plead guilty, you may appear before the judge without the need of a lawyer. But if you decide to plead not guilty, you may need legal representation.

Your Las Vegas speeding ticket attorney will guide you through the legal process. Perhaps work out a deal with the prosecutor to a charge that carries a lower penalty. More importantly, one that will not cause adverse points on your driving record.

What if I just ignore my speeding ticket? Or what if I forgot my court date?

If you fail to attend your court hearing for your speeding ticket, the judge will not let it pass. Instead it will issue a warrant for your arrest, commanding the police officers to bring your person before the court.

By virtue of the power of the warrant, you could be pulled over when you are spotted on the road. The warrant may also cause an increase of the fines or fees associated with the issuance of the Las Vegas speeding ticket.

I am concerned as to what will happen to my driving record. Will the speeding ticket cause adverse effects on my record?

Yes, if you plead guilty or no contest or if you are found guilty, it may cost you points against your driving record. The State of Nevada employs a demerit system; for every conviction involving a traffic ticket, the offender gets points off his/her driving record.

The demerit points may vary, depending on how serious the traffic violation was involved. If you receive 12 or more demerit points, your driving license may be suspended.

With a Las Vegas speeding ticket issued, does this mean I’ll need to go to traffic school?

It’s really up to the court to determine whether or not you’ll need to go to traffic school. The judge will consider several factors in his decision, which may include your prior driving history and the reason for which the citation ticket was issued. There are instances where you may skip traffic school by paying a higher fine.

How much will I have to pay as fine or penalty for my Las Vegas speeding ticket?

The cost of your speeding ticket will depend primarily on the traffic violation. There is a schedule of fees and penalties corresponding the violation. The court may also determine whether to lower or increase the fine, taking into consideration the attending factors.

Should I hire a Las Vegas speeding ticket attorney to help me resolve this issue?

If you decide to dispute your speeding ticket (not pleading guilty or no contest), then yes, it is advisable to seek legal representation from Las Vegas speeding ticket attorney.

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