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Boulder Justice Court faq Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro.

How much will my traffic ticket fine be?

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In many instances the fine/bail amount will be listed on your citation. If you have any questions about the fine amount, contact the court listed on your citation. Fines vary across the state depending on court, county and the driver circumstances (license type, driving record, etc.). Each court jurisdiction treats the negotiation of traffic citations differently. Some

What should I know for Juvenile Matters?

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Juveniles must make an appearance in Court and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Also, no court date changes will be granted to the juvenile.  The parent or guardian at the Court counter must make all arraignment request changes. If a juvenile fails to appear without a parent, the Court will not hear

What happens if you fail to appear?

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If you fail to appear on your court date and you have not paid the full bail and/or paid the full bail and attended traffic school and/or shown proof of insurance or registration. The Judge will order a bench warrant for your arrest. At that time, a notice will be sent to your State

How do I know if I have a mandatory Court appearance?

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You must appear in court on the appearance date listed on the complaint for any of the following: Reckless driving. Driving on a suspended or revoked license. Fraudulent use of drivers license or license plates: includes borrowing, loaning, stolen, fictitious, not licensed or allowing unlicensed person to drive. All DWI or non-traffic charges. If

How do I resolve a traffic bench warrant?

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To recall a TRAFFIC BENCH WARRANT AND FAILURE TO APPEAR (FTA) you must take either of the following actions: Contact our office to receive a quote for our service to Quash the warrant and have it recalled. Otherwise: Pay the FULL BAIL AMOUNT shown on the notice of warrant by mailing payment along with

What is the effect of forfeiture of bail?

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Forfeiture of bail will have the same force and effect as a judgment of court, and notification will be sent to the Licensing Authority of this State (or of the State where you received your license to drive). By forfeiting bail, you are WAIVING any right to a hearing by a court.

I have received a moving violation, what are my options?

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Option #1 – Hire Nevada Traffic Ticket Pro No points on your DMV record, in most cases. No traffic school, in most cases. No court appearance by you, in most cases No insurance rate increase, in most cases No waiting in line, in most cases No headache, in most cases Option #2 – Pay

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